Re: Course

Jack Yu

I would love to see courses like this tried out at GGC, as long as they meet the safety precautions that we have to include due to legal reasons. I highly doubt any other club is under more scrutiny than ours. Does anyone have access to the course maps? Do they publish them ahead of time?

Charlie, this year has been great for retention. We have a far greater number of repeat new drivers this year, selling out all events so far. The main reason is the coaching and getting to know the new folks, not whether the course is slow or fast. Also, if there are better ways to set up a course for less confusion, we’d love to hear it (or just help set up the course in the morning). In the past, even many of the regulars were getting lost, these days a handful out of 100 is not so bad. The new drivers I coached last month were not lost. I need to sit in with the guy you are mentioning.

Also to be fair to Dave, I’ve done 40+ courses with GGC and many of them have been open and fast, though the last 3 have been pretty tight admittedly. I’m a fan of both slow and fast courses, more variety makes it a surprise each month. Since we do publish the course ahead of time, before cancellation, it’s very easy to just skip a course you don’t like. I’m not sure if other clubs even offer that option do they?