Re: Course

Tim Uptegrove

I go away for a couple of days and this forum erupts into a verbal firefight.
First of all let me second Jeff’s compliment to Mark. Well said and timely as well.
We all have opinions about various autocross layouts. I told Dave S. at the June event that I just knew he knew exactly what my biggest weakness was ( I have a lot, I know) and was deliberlly designing courses to embarass me;)

Jack alluded to the fact that we don’t know what we don’t know regarding policies, legal and insurance opinions. After spending more than 30 years negotiating contracts with unions and dealing with insurance agents and lawyers
I do know that it is a convoluted and constantly counfounding experience. If there are two groups absolutely dedicated to making a hash out of things human do and attempting to suck all the joy out of various human activities
It is the legal and insurance industries.
At one of my first events with GGC, someone I was talking to (not one of the leadership people current or past) made what I thought was a very good summation of what these events truely mean. “If this was truely important and we were all professionals not just a bunch of guys out to have a good time we would be getting paid not paying for the priviledge”.
We have a uniquely open and friendly group led by people willing to sacrifice their own time so we can all have a bunch of fun with people with similar interests both in the activity and the particular marque.
We have a retired CHP officer up here who used to write a weekly column in which he ended each column with the phrase, “let’s all go out and enjoy the ride”.