Re: Classification system still has some bugs

Cliff Oates

[quote=”klinquist” post=1197]Your car only has 4hp? 🙂
(Or did you mean 4 additional hp? That would mean about 195hp (225*.85)+4).

I’d rather only have one box where you can type in hp amount, I’ll try to clarify the wording there.[/quote]

I was trying to add the 3.5hp that Shark says their software is worth on their dyno charts and it finally dawned on me that I was being classified as a 4 wheel moped. I figured out your system and calculated 194 to come up with my number from last season (the cat-back exhaust is worth a 25 pound weight reduction but no horsepower as far as I know – or can feel in my butt dyno). Another area where you might see some confusion is with wheel widths. I know that my fronts are 1″ wider than the standard sport package fronts, but they’re only 0.5″ wider than the upgraded 18″ wheels I ordered with the car.