Re: Cars looking forward to seeing on the week-end


[quote=”buraddo” post=511]I assume you are running 255’s all around so you don’t have the e46 problem of staggered tire width.. But you do have those pesky front wheel trying to drive the car around.

Does the RS have a sport setting or the like to change the amount of torque front to rear ?[/quote]

Yup. The car is bone stock. definitely has the sport setting, but that doesn’t do crap to the diffs 🙁

Does the following though:

mag ride stiffened, exhaust fully opened, crisper throttle response.

Also, I will be attending the event on Sunday in my ’95 Boston Green M3, but I was having major login issues and was unable to update my car classification and number in the system, so it is showing me driving with my 97 Miata lol.