Re: Car classing / TDS

Jeff Roberts

Charlie –
You may classify as many cars as you want to in the system, but only one can be active at a time. I suggest you go thru the classification again and see how the 2nd one points out.

I don’t see any points for shocks – are you running stock shocks? Rear sway bar should only be selected if you’re not running an adjustable spring setup.

Looking at your data, I suspect you classed as AAA and chose to run in Gonzo using the “Want to run your car in a higher or non-competitive class? Select it here” feature. Doing so shows you in the list as Gonzo with the minimum points for the class which is 80. But looking at your details shows the actual points you classed with. I’ve looked at others I know of who run in a higher class than their car points out as and they show the same way.

I will mention this to Kris and Matt as it seems we should add some notation to the details view that indicates this for clarity.

For TDS your actual points will be used when adjusting times, so we ask that everyone be certain to verify they are properly classed before registration closes.