Re: 2013 TDS Eligibility & Qualifications

Jeff Roberts

You are looking at the wrong event. You will see TWO events in your dashboard on MSR.

BMWCCA-GGC Autocross – Top Driver Shootout 2013
This is the event you registered for and it will be yellow and show a status of “New” until I confirm you.This event is hidden, so anyone trying to register who did not click on the link in the invitation e-mail WILL NOT SEE IT available. This is an invite only event, so you MUST click the link in the e-mail.

Invite For Top Driver Shootout 2013
This is a dummy event I created so I could e-mail all of the eligible folks using MSR. You will not see a list of registered people. It too will show a status of “New” but you cannot interact with it because it’s a dummy event. I cannot make it invisible to you because you’re on the list for it. Fugetaboutit!!