Re: 2013 Autocross Schedule (TENTATIVE)

Jeff Roberts

[quote=”bmerdoc” post=975]Hey Jeff,
If I am going to pay $120 for 7 minutes of fame I had better be sitting an an F 16. I think increasing the total count is the better option. Just my 2 cents. :P[/quote]

Thanks Tony. As a practice/fun-run event we usually try to keep the count down so folks can get more driving in. But, given that Candlestick costs twice as much as Marina, we need to figure something out so we come close to breaking even. We’ve been subsidizing Candlestick and TDS so we can give you guys what you want. The easy solution is drop Candlestick and disappoint the folks who enjoy coming, but I really don’t want to do that. For some it’s their only event with us each year and I know people look forward to it.

I’m thinking $60 for this one plus $5 for optional lunch. We run it like a regular event: max it out at 100 paid folks, individual run groups, maybe not a 90s course, but long enough so we can get 3 cars out at once. This will let us move thru the rotation faster.

Also, since March 30 is Easter this year (Easter in March?) we changed the weekend to April 6/7 for a back-to-back with Car Control. If history dictates, this will be a sold out weekend for both programs and we’ll have a lot of fun at The Stick.

Does that seem doable?