Re: 2012 Autocross Registration & Policies

Jeff Roberts

Good question! We’ve always offered coaches, but this season we’re putting a little formality around it so we can better serve our participants.

During online registration for the event you will choose your experience level as “first-timer.” At the event we’ll make sure you get a coach. We may give you one coach for your entire session or rotate thru a couple different coaches depending on how things go. We’re going to follow the example of our Car Control program where we try to mix it up with different instructors so you benefit from different teaching styles. Some people relate better to one person, so we’ll tailor the coaching to what’s working for you.

Anyone wishing to have a coach may request one during registration too by answering yes to the “want a coach?” question. This will ensure I have enough coaches assigned for each run group and that everyone who wants one gets one.

If you have not signed up for the March 3rd Car Control Clinic (CCC), seriously consider doing so. It’s an excellent way to learn car control and a great primer for what you’ll be doing at an autocross event. Several of us who autocross also teach for the CCC program.

[url=]Registration is open[/url] and filling up fast!