Reply To: The Classification System is open for the 2017 Autocross Season

Paul Brancato

I have to protest the charging of camber modification points for pulling the centering pins from the strut hats.

Front camber modifications
Note that this applies to things ADDED or REMOVED from the car that increase camber (camber plates, shimming the struts, swap strut hats, removing alignment pins from strut hats, etc) and does not include the additional camber gained from alignments or lowering the car.

This is not something added or removed from the car that increases camber–if I simply remove the pins from the hats, the camber DOES NOT CHANGE, rather, the removal allows the camber to be changed. I don’t have access to official factory procedures, but the Bentley manual (I’m looking at E9x) lists the removal of the disposable centering pins as normal operating procedure in the Front Camber Adjusting procedure in the Wheel Alignment section. In fact, no camber adjustment is even possible without removing the centering pins first, so removal of the pins and adjustment to camber in the factory provided slots should fall under the allowed “additional camber gained from alignments” clause.