Reply To: 12/13/15 – Autocross Fun Run Course & Access Maps

Jeff Roberts

@Abbas – the red line is the course designer’s ideal line. Normally we don’t post that, but because it’s a fun run event, this time we did.

I’ve added a clean version for those who want to draw their own. I probably won’t have any of those at the event because I already printed the first version… save a tree and all that. 🙂

– you make some good points. There is not a lot of shelter, ok, no shelter or trees at Crows Landing. We will set up our 6 EZ-UPs so we have a place to hang out, and have lunch under cover.

I’m seeing varying reports about the weather, tho rain is looking like a definite, it’s also looking like 1/4″ prediction which isn’t that much.

We’ll do our best! Rain driving is the reason we started having December events rather than taking a break until the next year. We’ve tried the last two years and were disappointed with 70+ degree days at Marina. 🙂 Come prepared!