Reply To: Cones out of the Box

Jack Yu

Technically, I agree with him that the cones should be in the box, which makes it fair for everyone to get the same exact course. A few moved cones could make a difference in tight competition. But, I also don’t see him bitching about cones out of the box to his ADVANTAGE either. He may just be super OCD about the course being the same all the time, and I get it, to a certain degree.

If the cones were that noticeably outside the box, he should have just gotten a re-run. I’ve seen people in our events stop for a few inches outside the box (which are hard to catch going at speed BTW) so it’s really no big deal. But if a person like that constantly stops for a re-run for cones BARELY out of the box, then I would have a talk with him and his OCD issue. At that point he’s just delaying the whole day and eating into everyone else’s time.

I also agree with the comments. It is just a volunteer, not-so-serious event for 50 bucks, where people fixing downed cones may be doing so for the first time ever, so I wouldn’t get so aggravated about such small differences. If it were a national competition perhaps, but I’d think those events would have more experienced cone workers.