Reply To: GGC Beginner Autocross School

Jeff Roberts

So guys, I want to now get back to you on your questions. The team met and we’re targeting students with 0-2 autocrosses under their belt. We will accept a max of 30 students for this first school.

I have a couple small last minute details to finalize this week and then I’ll open reg, target is Monday June 22nd.

I suggest you register with the understanding I’ll put you on hold while we see how things shake out. We want to give priority to newbies this first time around.

Keep in mind the week after will be our Test & Tune at Marina where we can work together on practice too. Tho not a teaching event per se, the format lends itself for less formal coaching from your cronies and staff. It’s a whole day of fun runs for car and driver swapping if you like.