Reply To: low oil pressure light on e36

ricardo jamin

Just got a call back from Edge to pick up my car.

First, I’m a test/quality engineer and to be honest I’m not totally convinced of the fix. I think there are assumption being made without solid evidence. On the other hand, I understand the reality of troubleshooting is sometimes you can’t always get solid evidence. So I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they have abundance of experience to rely on from making these assumption.

So here’s what they did.
They took off the pan and found the bearing and journal was fine. so that’s a good news.
Oil pump also visually looks fine but they replaced it anyway because they said they’ve seen this goes bad from age. They put everything back together and still see it flickering. I’ve seen it flickering at first but the last night I drove it was solid red. Edge said when they reproduced the problem it was solid red. so they think the oil pump helps.
Then they bump up the rev. And they haven’t been able to repro the issue after bumping up the rev, so it’s deemed fix.

I suppose if I didn’t see the problem again then I’m happy, even though probably its just from bumping up the rev. If I see the problem again, at least I can cross off the bottom part of the engine.
I’m crossing my fingers its fixed.