Reply To: ax1 verified results!

Nigel Mott

Hi Brian. Please add one cone to #462 in AA on run 4 (45.960) and my times are correct. As one of the people who contributed to your misery, many thanks for sorting it out. I have a Starbucks card with your name on it at the next Autocross.

I note that we do not allow newcomers on track without coaching, and the committee may wish to consider a similar approach for trailer duties. I had little idea what to do initially and no idea what to do when RG3 went pear shaped after about 6 cars. It also went horribly wrong for my colleague on the paper sheets, when we had a car come out on the second run that had not been on the first, followed shortly afterwards by a car with no numbers and then a dual driver car that forgot to swap numbers. Probably no issue for old hands, but it certainly put us newcomers in a hole. I assume the experience was similar for other folks, since RG1 and RG2 were not our monkeys.