Reply To: ax1 results

John Kim

Wow, the results make me look at lot faster than in real life. Maybe I shouldn’t tell my real times… but here they are for John Kim car #511 running in RG3, A class.

1) 52.660 (Paul as passenger)
2) 51.608 (Sheda as passenger)
3) 50.996 (Sheda as passenger)
4) 49.849 (Eric Lam as passenger)
5) 52.533 (no passenger)
6) 57.972 DNF (Sean from AA as passenger)

In the provisional results, my first time is correct, my 2nd time was assigned to Hal Dorton’s 3rd run, then my 3rd/4th/5th times went to Andrew Hu Zheng in “A” class. My 6th time was given to Philip Blacklocks’ 6th run.

BTW I’m pretty sure my 6th run should be +1 or +2 and not DNF as I re-entered the course at the same place I left it after spinning, but no point in arguing about my slowest run out of a bunch of slow runs! 🙂

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