Reply To: low oil pressure light on e36

John Kim

Ricardo, what weight oil are you running and how high are you running the oil level? For example the Mobil-1 5w-30 is supposed to be a little bit too thin when hot for our cars (I run Mobil-1 0w-40 or Total Energy 5w-40).

I’m new to my E36 M3 but based on Internet lore, two other possibilities are cracked oil pickup tube or tired oil pump seals. But I’m not sure how common those really are. As mentioned by others, doing a pressure test or installing an oil pressure gauge would help.

And the favorite E36 racing 3rd possibility: You’re driving really high-G left-hand sweepers and sloshing all the oil to the right side of the pan, leaving the oil pickup high and dry (all while re idling at a stoplight).