Reply To: ax1 results

Andy Daniels

Wow! Have the data ever been this badly mangled? Per our time slips:

Andy Daniels, RG 3, A, #793:
1: 46.686
2: 45.657+1
3: 45.650
4: 45.758
5: 45.033
6: 45.594+1

Dana Gleason, RG 3, A, #379:
1: 47.359
2: 45.571
3: 50.157+1
4: 46.136+1
5: 46.077+1
6: 44.681+DNF
(you can get much better times if you take short cuts ;))

The cone counts don’t quite match her time slips, but it looks like Dana’s times all got assigned to #914, who gridded right after her. #614’s times, other than for run 2, look like mine. (Wish I’d managed to break 45 during regulation runs instead of later during fun runs.) Makes sense, since he was sharing the Miata with #914 and drove right after me. Again, the cone counts don’t quite match, but my fastest scratch time was also clean in the results, ditto Dana’s, so I’m not going to worry about the others. My second run’s time appears to have been assigned to Dennis, #637. Could be that the ‘9’ on my car got put on upside-down during a hurried changeover.

Katie Geiger’s times should all be at least secs, possibly with a recorded 7th run of that Ryan took in her car. The latter would’ve been one of the last two or three runs for her run group. Dave Sparks took two runs in close succession at the end of his session to make up for missing his turns earlier.