Reply To: low oil pressure light on e36

Andy Daniels

Doing a pressure test is a good start. That’ll quickly eliminate the sender as a possible culprit. I’m surprised Edge didn’t do that while they had the old sensor out, since that’s where you’d stick the pressure gauge, anyway. While you’re in there, clean the contacts on the connector and put some dielectric goo on it if Edge didn’t do that themselves.

A search of various BMW forums unfortunately reveals that a fairly wide range of things could be causing this, so you’ll have to do some investigating to narrow down the cause. One simple possibility is the oil filler cap, though I’d expect to see the pressure warning at other than idle in that case. Going to a heavier oil might do the trick, too.

More specifically identifying the circumstances under which you see the flicker will help definitely narrow down the possibilities. I.e., only when engine is hot, only at idle, when weather is warm, &c.

Good luck!