Reply To: TENTATIVE 2015 Autocross/CCC Schedule

Nigel Mott

I have an idea, John. Commit to the ‘higher authority’ that if you are allowed to come to the Autocross, you will sell a minimum of $100? $200? of cookies to the attendees. I’m in for $20 to get you started. I didn’t get this figure by avoiding girl scout cookies… (Tagalongs and Samoas work nicely, thank you) Also, have you seen what happens to the cookies at the club? It’s gruesome and savage, but mercifully quick. I suspect we may have a few ‘cookie monsters’ lurking in among the cones. Joking apart, I really think you’d do OK. Just sell them for 30-40 minutes during lunch, assuming this is not against any CCA rules. If it is, I unreservedly apologize, and respectfully request that the Autocross Committee pelt me with Thin Mints as punishment. (It may be a little while before I cry uncle.)