Reply To: TENTATIVE 2015 Autocross/CCC Schedule

Jeff Roberts

UPDATES – 2/1/15

Folks, the team met this week and made some decisions:

We are moving forward with an abbreviated season at this time and have decided to eliminate TDS from the schedule to give the City of Marina more time to confirm the second half of the year. If we get more dates after June, we will move forward with additional events and hopefully have our traditional Top Driver Shootout event at the end of the season.

Until then, we are changing the rules – just in case. For each regular season event, all BMW/MINI competitors will have their best time run through our TDS formula. The 10 fastest drivers from all competitors at the event will be ranked #1 thru #10 and receive the typical point total you get for competing in your class.

First Place: 20 points
Second Place: 15 points
Third Place: 11 points
Fourth Place: 8 points
Fifth Place: 6 points
Sixth Place: 5 points
Seventh Place: 4 points
Eighth Place: 3 points
Ninth Place: 2 points
Tenth Place: 1 point

If our season ends in June, we will award the Top Driver* Award to the competitor who has the most TDS accumulated points for the season.

*This winner will receive an acrylic award, not the Fechner Cup.

Complete 2015 season rules will be posted some time this week.

Registration for our first event on 2/28/15 opens at midnight tonight. We still do not have any signed contracts, but we are hopeful that Marina Motorsports will get it together and things will move forward as planned.