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Brad Vaughan

America’s Tire does not keep any stock of them. Its a few days wait on order from Yokohama warehouse.

I have been going to the same shop for a while, so I walk in and they give me a good deal. They also in the past replaced tires (3 inch bolt embedded) and gave pro-rata wear on tires without paying for any of the insurance stuff tire shops are always pushing. Plus they repeatedly fix nail in tire issues for nothing which happens pretty regularly in Cali, especially on my SUV.

This versus ordering from Tire Rack and shipping and then dealing with an installer who I am sure is not happy they are not getting the sales margin on the tires.

From Tire Rack
Direzza’s are $1159 + install (about $80 to $120 depending)
Yokohama’s are $1287 + install (about $80 to $120 depending)

So I just ended up with the Yokohamas at the Direzza price installed.

Not the deal of the century, but happy enough. Plus the way you drive Ratko, can’t have a better recommendation.

Going to a HOD track day on 21st at Thunderhill (short course). Will let you know how it goes. Will be at the Course Rewind. Not sure I will use the Yokohama, or try one more time with the 19″ wheels.