Reply To: Bikes allowed at Marina?

John Kim

I will say there are absolutely no Rollerblades or in-line skates allowed. They are a hazard and anybody seen skating around the Marina airport should be considered unbalanced in one way or another. Rumor is once someone was seen trying to skate and eat a cookie at the same time during a car control clinic. This is potentially confusing to drivers so should not be tolerated.

For track/HPDE events I have seen some ban bikes and others allow regular bicycles but ban skateboards or motorized scooters. I think the concern is that skateboarders, in-line skaters, scooters, etc. can behave in ways drivers will not anticipate and increase a risk of an accident in the paddock. Drivers in helmets and loud cars look out for just other cars and pedestrians, and may not anticipate a faster wheeled vehicle that is not a car.

At least that’s my theory.

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