Reply To: ax6 results

Andy Daniels

Not to take anything away from Andre, but that 40.307 in his third run looks implausible compared both to the rest of his times and those of others.

It looks like practice run times are being picked up as best times again.

I have serious doubts about all those +1’s in my later runs. I definitely nailed a cone on my first run, but I don’t remember any at all after that, nor did Dana or anyone else who was riding along or watching me from the grid mention any at the time. Upon reviewing my videos, I can’t see or hear anything being hit and there’s no activity whatsoever on the part of the cone workers visible in frame after I’ve passed their areas—they’re all standing around unlike the first run video where one can clearly see someone running to reset a cone. I suspect that Dana’s cone penalties might be off, too.

The ‘3’ had fallen off of the right side of the car after the first couple of runs, so perhaps having the wrong number on one side messed up the cone counts.