Reply To: Share C-Class car?

Henry Loh

Sweet! Thank you David! Hopefully Jeff & Crew won’t be too mad if/when I need to make registration changes. Man, it’s been TOO LONG since my last autocross… I can’t wait!

Hal, thanks for the offer. After this trip I probably won’t be able to afford professional installation :oP. Honestly, I’m one of those weirdos that loves getting my hands dirty to get an end product (plus, I learn more about suspension when I dive in and do it myself). It’s just unfortunate that I have so little time. What can I say? I love being able to say “Yeah, I did that” (usually preceded by a lot of cussing and asking “What the **** am I doing?!?!”).

I’m flying out of the country Saturday (to an Island cluster that likely wont have wifi) and returning on the 9th in LA (driving the Miata back to the Bay). I’m going to try to get back early Thursday, take a nap, and hopefully will have 1.5 days to get it done!