Reply To: 2014 AX#2 Provisional Results

Timothy Woo

Another correction since I did the scoring for run group 1. (I mentioned this to Jeff at the end of the day.)
This would impact 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers.

Car 280 (Stephen Kolesar) didn’t have a time for the first run or a DNF (no rerun since it was his first lap). So all his numbers should be pushed up 1, with his last run being 49.500. So should look like this…

1 – No Time/DNF
2 – 50.307
3 – 50.003
4 – 50.059
5 – 49.683
6 – 49.500

Timer issues were prevalent that day and many people had reruns in RG1. Here’s what happened as best I can explain it…

Stephen had a downed cone on his 6th/final run, which he pointed out, but this was NOT communicated to the scoring folks at the trailer.

Trailer didn’t know he should’ve had a rerun, he took his rerun anyway, and ended up at the finish line again – not displayed on the board, but the computer timer ended with 49.500.
The time was recorded (in case) but we did NOT give him a time since we were unaware that he should’ve had a rerun.
He lined up again for a 2nd rerun (unbeknownst that he had a time recorded for his 1st rerun), and it was finally communicated to us that he was owed a rerun. By that time it was too late and he was already lined up at the start line and in the cones.
Trailer decided to just let him go and we will deal with the scoring later, so as to not prolong or delay any further since there were so many other reruns for other cars due to timer issues.

So his 2nd rerun was a 48.970. This should NOT count, since he did get a time for his 1st rerun – 49.500. (Sorry Stephen).

Hope this makes sense. Let me know if you need more clarification.