Reply To: Test & Tune – no drifts, donuts, skid marks

Jeff Roberts

For clarity…

Anyone who tries to be this cool will be bounced immediately. Note excessive tire smoke and inability to see and breathe. Note black rubber marks on pavement. Any questions?

Think it doesn’t happen? In year’s past, this event has attracted some individuals who bring their spent tires and burn them to the rim. They’re not testing or tuning. Well, they tested my patience… I’m half Italian, do the math.

Back then my guidance was “as long as I can see everything and breathe, I’m OK with some drifting.” They didn’t listen. I’m making the rules perfectly clear, or thought I was.

More importantly, the site rules have changed dramatically. The Airport manager is inspecting the site before the event, and again after. I received a call after our 2/1 event and got an ear full about black marks and rubber chunks being left behind. I was asked to go back and clean the black marks off, and sweep the entire concrete surface. I didn’t.

Be happy that we don’t have to stop the event at 3pm so we can sweep up acres of concrete before we leave. I negotiated to have the folks we rent from raise the price and hire someone to do that. Yeah, the site must be free of FOD after every event now, and burnouts will not be tolerated.

Oakland is closer for most folks anyway…