Reply To: 2019 AX4 preliminary results

Jeff Roberts

Those BMW/Mini drivers who ran out of class because the state of your car, or the car you drove, was not as it was in the classification system as of Noon the Sunday before are not eligible to earn points and will be placed in N-class for this event.

If you classified a BMW/Mini and drove an X-class car, you’ll be assigned X-Class for this event.

If you classified an X-class car and drove a different X-class car, it’s all good…

I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow the instructions and make sure your classification is correct in the system BEFORE registration closes the Sunday before. Dealing with misclassifications (or no classification) is a major time suck for us every month. It only takes a minute of your time to do the right thing and save us the hassle of corrections and follow-up.

See “2019 Rules for Competition” section of this document if you have any questions about the above. These rules are posted before the season starts each year for your reading pleasure.