Reply To: O5/06 E46 M3?

Jack Yu

My repairs over the last two years (keep in mind my car has about 150,000 miles)
-Sub-frame reinforcement (kit installed by TC Design) $1-1.5k I forget
-Front Sway bar bracket (broken, re-welded by TC Design) $300
-Brake Lines replaced
-SMG Pump replaced ($4k part, $1k labor)
-Rod Bearings replaced ($2k)
-Clutch replaced $1k ??
-VANOS line rupture (major oil leak)

Other cheaper/minor repairs over the previous 5 years:
-Door lock actuators (pain in the ass)
-VANOS selenoid
-Ignition coils
-Every single bulb, multiple times
-New batteries
-Brakes/Rotors (expensive compared to non-M) Over $600 in parts for the FRONT only.
-CPU fan (dreaded crickets noise)
-Rear view mirror (liquid drains out)
-C-pillar interior trim (re-attached with glue spray)

Needless to say, I’m driving this thing into the ground.

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