Reply To: Tires, 235/40R17, Few Choices, Advice?

Nicolas Moss

Hrm… I hadn’t thought about going up to 245. My car may be sitting a little bit lower (I think its got some Dinan suspension bits on it); do you have any issue with rubbing? I’m also curious about the taller sidewall. I’m really new to autox so I’m sure I don’t have things set up very well, but I’ve been having trouble keeping the fronts from rolling too far onto their sides (those little wear triangles are gone). At the last event, I had them up to 44lbs, which seems kind of nutty to me. Toyo Proxes R1R’s come in 245/35, but I haven’t heard enough good things about them to warrant choosing them over the Falken RT615K+. And just to make things extra complicated, if I do consider 245/40, that size includes Michelin Pilot Super Sports (which have much better wet handling). So… very curious about sidewall height!